Meat ovens
Linea melt butter
Cook octopus pot - Autoclave 160 L.
Freezer brine
Detail collector
Defrost shrimp.

SUPPLIES M.LIZONDO , communicates to all your customers, suppliers and friends the new change made in your company.

The LIZONDO company that has always been characterized by evolving but slowly, with seriousness and good work as is already known, by those who know their career, being one of the companies that is characterized by its careful customer service since many years are at the service of the industry meat and fish that endorse it.

At this time we are prepared to move forward and for this reason we have incorporated to our brand that of workshops Xecu, a company with high knowledge of work in the manufacture of machinery and structures in all kinds of materials, all thought to be able to give a more complete service to new projects.

With the good work of these and our knowledge we put at the disposal of all those who need it, our ideas or if they need help to develop the proposals they propose, with simple solutions that adapt to their needs and prices very competitive since we have a technical department and workshops prepared for it.

We do not doubt that we will continue to have the confidence of all our clients.

For this reason, take note of our new address where our offices and workshops are located:

Poligon Idustrial El Pla C / El pla, 49-51 Nave 4 -

08075 MOLINS DE REI - (Barcelona)

- Tel. 93.659.44.30

-Fax - 93.637.51.17 .