Cooking lines with or without overhead transfer of baskets.

Loading, defrosting, cooking and showering.

These line enable a product to be obtained in very good conditions with improved output and less work.

The sequence is as follows:

  • The baskets are loaded with the product a table for greater handling ease.
  • A hoist is used to transfer the baskets to the potboiler.
  • After immersing the baskets a reset is performed which, after the determined time has passed, gives an acoustic signal which means the both the cooking teperature and time is controlled.
  • Once the desired time has passed, the product are transferred to the showering unit which, by using cold water showers, lowers the thermal difference and automatically controls the stopping time of the showers.
  • Process in brine vats.


All of our components comply with EC standards:

  • 90/396/EC
  • 73/23/EC
  • 89/392/EC